Antique Automobile Club of America

Club History

In the 70s, an advertisement was placed in the Sarasota Herald Tribune for  anyone who would be interested in starting an antique car club. No one at the first meeting can remember when it took place but it was in the home of Duaine and Joyce Fethers.  On September 15, 1973, at 10 am, a meeting was held to start a new chapter  of the AACA. As recorded in the first set of minutes, the temporary  officers elected were:    

  •    President: Duaine Fethers      
  •    Vice-President: Dwight Winkler      
  •    Secretary & Treasurer: Joyce Fethers
  •    Directors:  Gary Fether, Robert Palmer, Bill Storms 

On  the application for the SUNSHINE CHAPTER, dated October 4, 1973, the sponsor was the Royal Palm Region of Port Charlotte, Florida.  The  Cars of Yesteryear Museum on US 41 in Sarasota, Florida was stated to  be the headquarters.  The names for the chapter were offered: Sunshine Chapter, Saramana Chapter, Tri State Chapter.  The  application for the SUNSHINE REGION was dated January 25, 1975. It is interesting to note that the first regular meeting at the bank on  Stickney Point Road was on October 11, 1974. On this application it was simply listed that the headquarters was located in Sarasota,  Florida. The charter for the SUNSHINE REGION of the AACA was dated  February 28, 1975.  The following members were listed on the application: 


  • Duaine Fethers
  • Joyce Fethers                      
  • Robert Palmer                      
  • Florian Mack          
  • Floyd Fowler                      
  • Evelyn Fowler                      
  • I. A. Hodgdon                        
  • Lester Hartlieb                                                          
  • Carleton Smith                    
  • Walter Belham 
  • John Horton

(Gordon Langeneger, our historian, gathered this information for our club members)